Large file support for wget under Unix.

As of 2004.11.13 the latest official version of wget cannot download files of size more than 2Gb. While development of large file support in the official version of wget is underway, I could not wait and hacked the code myself. I've succeeded in forcing wget to download correctly large files by ftp via network which frequently drops connection.

Files to download

Patch with respect to CVS version of 2004.11.13

wget-LFS-20041113.tar.bz2 -- tarball of the patched version.


  1. I've tested the patch under Linux, Sun and HP-UX.

  2. According to David Coornaert wget when configured with switch --disable-LFS works correctly with large files under Tru64 OS. So far, I do not know whether this patched version will work correctly under Tru64 OS without this flag.

  3. The ftp server from which you are going to download the file should support large files. Many ftp servers do not support it at all, or do not support it by default.

  4. Your operating system and your file system should support files larger then 2Gb.

  5. Web server Apache 2.0.50 and older does not support large files, for this reason even patched wget is not able to retrieve large files. So far, I know that only cherokee Web server provides limited large file support.

Last update: 14-NOV-2004 09:24:05
Leonid Petrov